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The SmartBoat System
The smartboat system comprises of a master unit and two antenna's (GPS / GSM). The main wiring loom is designed to interface to systems onboard and provide the essential monitoring unattended boats require.

The unit requires 7-36 Volts making it ideal for any vessel and its tiny current draw means it will have little or no impact on your onboard batteries.

With the optional Solar kit it will run forever!
Whats Covered  
All essential systems on your boat are monitored. Smartboat can be configured to provide Realtime alerts via Email / SMS or to simply log and monitor the information coming from your vessel.

With the option to "Snooze" the system while you are onboard, all alerts are disabled but the unit continues to monitor vital systems.

Optionally the unit can be linked to our 24x7 control room for complete piece of mind!
Bilge Pumps
Battery Systems
GPS Location
Security Systems
High Water Alarm
Nightvision Camera  
The Nightvision Camera is what really gives the SmartBoat system the edge! By default it's programmed to take a shot every half hour uploading the picture immediately to the smartboat website. It's also configured to snap a shot if the security system on your boat is triggered.

Images are stored on our server so you will always have access to the latest shots.
Image Samples  
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