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Jillian Fishing Trips have recently had a new Smartboat Monitoring System fitted to their 32 foot Lacco Carvel timber charter fishing boat, (the Jillian).

When the boat is not out fishing. It is on a semi exposed swing mooring in Port Phillip bay. Before the Smartboat was fitted, we would have to constantly row out to check the condition of the boat, and we did have a few incidents of costly equipment damage due to a stuck on bilge pump float switch.

Having the ability to remotely monitor the condition of the boat, not only will save us money by avoiding damage and downtime caused by equipment failure, but will dramatically reduce wasted man hours and sleep less nights worrying about our vessel.
The on-line camera is a great addition as it will not only allow us to check the boat, but will act as a deterrent to criminals wanting to steal equipment, and will record any theft that may take place, helping us with the Police and Insurance.

We have also been impressed with the professionalism of the installation, and back up service and monitoring, provided by the guys at Smartboat.

I have no hesitation in recommending this product to any frustrated boat owner. In my opinion, for the cost savings and the peace of mind. The Smart boat monitoring system is an essential piece of equipment for any boat that is on a swing mooring or even in a marina.

Stephen Dart
Marine Engineer Class 1, Coxwain
Jillian Fishing Trips